Gastvortrag von Dr. Henning Sanneck am 08.02.2010 um 14:15

Es spricht:       Dr. Henning Sanneck Research Manager OAM Automation Research, Technology & Platforms Nokia Siemens Networks GmbH&Co KG, München

http://sanneck.net Termin: Montag, den 08.02.2010, 14:15 Uhr Ort:    Raum MI Multimediaraum 00.08.038 (MI-Gebäude, Campus Garching, Finger 8, Erdgeschoss) Thema:  Mobile Network Management Research

Due to the high cost pressure put on mobile network operators, the efficient Management of Mobile Networks (Deployment, Operation, Maintenance) has gained a lot of importance and visibility. Particularly automation solutions ("Self Organizing Networks") are considered to be a key building block for LTE networks by operators and network equipment vendors. Based on an overview on mobile networks and their management, a concrete example (self-configuration of basestations) will be discussed, showing the opportunities and challenges in this area. Additionally the presentation gives some insights into the product development process (idea -> concept -> product-feature) and the tasks of a research group within a large network equipment manufacturer.

Bio: Henning Sanneck is Research Manager at Nokia Siemens Networks in Munich where he is leading projects on Self-Organizing Networks for LTE.

Dr. Henning Sanneck studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. He was a Visiting Student (ERASMUS scholarship) at the University of Nantes, France, in 1993. After receiving his Diploma in 1995, he joined GMD Fokus (now: Fraunhofer Fokus) in Berlin. At Fokus, Dr. Sanneck worked as a Researcher in the area of Quality-of-Service (QoS) support for Real-Time Services in IP-based networks. He received his Dr.-Ing. (PhD) degree in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Berlin with a thesis on Voice over IP QoS in 2000. In 2001 Dr. Sanneck joined Siemens - Mobile Networks in Munich, working as a Senior Research Engineer on cross-layer design for IP-based Radio Access Networks (RANs), Software Technologies for Mobile Networks and Technology Management. He became a Project Manager for technology innovation projects in the area of Network Management for 3G and beyond RANs in 2003. Since the formation of Nokia Siemens Networks in 2007 he is heading the "OAM Automation" group in the Research, Technology & Platforms unit.